March 31st, 2009

Removing and monitoring Internet content

The scary thing about the Internet, especially with social networking catching on like wildfire, is not being able to remove content that is posted on websites that you do not manage. If someone publishes something about you it is there for good unless you have a legal foot to stand on. Most people are concerned about their Google search results and the associated links. If you were wondering what Google has to say about it, check this out.

Here are some other helpful links:

  • Google also provides a method to remove or expedite the results for your own website.
  • Computer World also provided some helpful insight about removing personal information form the Internet.
  • Google Alerts provides a method to receive alerts when someone talks about you…how cool is that!
  • You can subscribe to Technorati searches to track when your  name, product, or company shows up in the blogosphere.
  • BoardTracker allows you to search indexed forums for anything.
  • Last but not least MonitorThis allows you to aggregate results from 20 different sources.

The fastest way to push unwanted content down on your search engine results is to sign-up for accounts with popular social networking sites.The popularity of these sites will push other less popular sites down in the results.